More College Opportunities for my Children

When you are a parent, you really want what is best for your children.  I want them to have a better life than mine, and we do what we can to make that happen.  But when I learned that the current university admission tests favor students that are in Common Core curriculums, I was worried.

Our kids are at a disadvantage because they are in a non-Common Core school.

We decided to go with a school that had more learning opportunities for the kids.  It was important for us that our children had the opportunity to do art and physical education, and that is why we chose the school that we did.

But was that choice a mistake?

Based on current admission preferences, I guess it was, but there is hope.  There is a movement growing that is looking to stop Common Core and make education about providing learning opportunities to all kids instead of a select few.  Like any curriculum, Common Core is not perfect, and therefore shouldn’t be the only metric used to judge a child’s eligibility to enter college.

But the movement needs your help.

They are working on helping students by stopping Common Core and working towards creating a free University Admission Test and are raising funds through a charity auction.

To learn more about creating more college opportunities for students and how you can help, visit

How to Win Contests on Facebook

One of the things that I love about Facebook is the number of contests that they have on the site.  I know that I have joined a few groups that list all of the contests currently going on right now and that makes it easy for me to enter.  Everyone loves to win something and I am no exception.

I have won a lot of contests over the past year and I still have the makeup, handmade cards and the iPad I’m using right now to show for it.  When I look at my winnings, I can’t help but have a smile on my face.

But since other people discovered that you could win some pretty cool stuff on Facebook, it has become increasingly challenging to win contests on the site.  There are just too many people to compete with, and really it comes down to knowing the most people so that you can get the most votes.

While many people think that hounding their friends for votes is the best way to go, there are easier ways to win contests on Facebook.  Personally, I just buy Facebook contest votes and spread them out over the length of the competition.  It is a lot easier to win this way without making your friends angry, and it is a very inexpensive way to ensure that you win.

So, if you want to win the next contest you enter on Facebook (or on other sites where you win by the number of votes you have), you can buy contest votes here:  I use this exact same service and have had wonderful results.

The Perfect Gift for my Wife

When it comes to finding gifts for my wife, I will have to admit, some of them have been rather unconventional.  I’d like to think that I do a pretty good job of listening to her needs and fulfilling them where I can.  For years, listening has been one of my greatest skills and has served me well in picking the best gifts for her.

But this year was a little different.  I think she caught on to the fact that I listened to what she said, and she was trying very hard not to give me any clues.

Did I mention that my wife was smart?

Well, that was part of the reason I married her.

But I would like to think I’m smarter (don’t tell her that).

So, I watched and waited patiently.  Sure enough, I caught her chuckling while looking at some cartoons on  After she had gone to bed, I figured that I could check the site out and see what was making her laugh.

As it turned out, she was looking at satirical political cartoons and it happened that the site had published a book with the same title – Politipiggle by Samceeh.

I bought it for her Kindle.

I can’t wait until I give it to her tomorrow on our date night – I bet she’ll love it.

Stocking Ladies Undergarments Today

While most of the time I am working in the mobility department in the store, there have been times lately where we are understaffed.  I don’t know why they haven’t found any new people to work here, but while we don’t have quite enough people to run a full crew, we have all had to work in other departments.

Sometimes that is good or bad depending on the department.

Today isn’t a bad day by any means as I have been stocking shelves all day.  Now when I say “stocking shelves” you would usually think that I am putting boxes on a shelf (or something like that), but that is not what I am doing today.

No, I am working in the ladies undergarments section today.

In fact, it has been a rather easy day for me.  Instead of trying to teach people how to use their mobile phones, I have been stocking womens sexy panties instead.

It has probably been the easiest day of work that I have had since I started here.

While I don’t mind working in departments like this, it will be nice once they get the staffing issues sorted out and I can get back to my home department.

Enjoying Our New Deck

For years, I have wanted a deck where we could just open up our doors on our house and live outdoors for the summer.  I’ve always wondered why houses separate the outdoors from the indoors, but I suppose there are a lot of people that don’t enjoy being outside.

But that isn’t me.

I have had to get a lot of work done to make my new deck possible.  I had a contractor install Vivafolio doors which are aluminum bi-folding doors that can slide out of the way to open up the house to the deck.

We also had to get a contractor come in to build the deck.  It isn’t that far off of the ground, and while I considered doing it myself, I thought it best to leave it to the professionals.  Honestly, I’ve never really built anything that ended up being level, so I didn’t want to take my chances with the deck.

We have also had a roof put on the house extending over our new deck, so that we can sit outside and enjoy it when it is raining.  It will also help to keep the elements off of the wooden deck floor, so it should extend its’ life.

While we have enjoyed our deck a little already, I know I will spend a lot of time out here for years to come.

Getting my Tonsils Removed

I thought that being an adult would result in fewer problems health-wise, but I guess I was wrong.  You see, I have been struggling with sleeping for quite some time, and I know that it isn’t getting any better.  It has been terribly hard to sleep for an entire night as either I wake myself up, or my wife does because I am not breathing.

I took a look online to see what was wrong with me, and as it turns out, I have sleep apnea symptoms.  While I believed what I read online, I knew that I wasn’t a doctor, so I decided to ask a professional for a second opinion.

After a visit to the doctor, it was confirmed that I had sleep apnea.  While it certainly could have been worse, it really sucked to be my age and have a condition.

About a week after my appointment, I received a call from my doctor asking for me to come in for a follow-up visit.  He looked down my throat and came up with a solution for my sleep apnea: they were going to remove my tonsils.  I guess mine were larger than they should be and were restricting my airflow at night.  He figured that by removing them, I would be able to breathe at night again.

So, I decided to do it.

I have an appointment next week to have them removed.  I’m really hoping that by doing this procedure, I will be able to sleep soundly at night again.

Looking to Fill Key Positions in our Data Center

After a number of key people left our company to pursue other opportunities, we found ourselves in need of some new personnel to fill key positions in our data center.  While we were looking, we certainly could continue business, but the sooner that we could replace the people who left the positions, the better.

So, we placed job postings on numerous websites in an effort to cast the widest net possible.  It had taken us a lot of time and effort to fill those positions in the first place, and we really felt that it was going to be harder this time around.

Perhaps our biggest loss was the managed services innovator that we had on staff.  He had really changed the way that we did business in a very good way – during his tenure here our profits set new records year after year.  While we can continue to implement the strategies that were developed for the managed services department, we really need a specialist to take over at the helm.

Our job postings will be up for a couple of weeks and then we will go through the interview process.  Hopefully we can fill all of the key positions in our Data Center before the end of April.

Saving Money on Handbags

I think that my husband is happy that I am not a girl that has a lot of handbags.  Honestly, I have one that I use on a daily basis, and while it is functional, it isn’t the fanciest thing on the block.  But during my normal life, I don’t need anything trendy or beautiful – I am happy with what works.

But there are certain times of the year that I do get dressed up and I want to make an impression.  Years ago I used to have a handbag that I took with me to these special events, but it quickly became apparent that my bag looked very dated quickly.

And you don’t want to be known as the “old bag” lady.

So, I looked at my options.  Ideally I would just hire a designer handbag for those times that I needed it.  I thought that there must be someone that would do something like that, much like a tuxedo rental store works.

It took a little while for me to find a place that did, but when I was able to rent classic Chanel handbag successfully, I knew that it was the perfect service for me.

To this day I still rent designer handbags for special occasions.  If you need a handbag once in awhile too, check out  They will help you out.

Taking a Road Trip Across the Country this Summer

Many years ago I made a bucket list.  If you are not familiar with a bucket list, it is a list of things that you want to do before you die.  While I have plenty of time to go before I pass away, I have been steadily working on my list to make sure I get everything done.

Last year’s big thing was to go bungee jumping.  That was an experience that I will always remember but I have no desire to ever do again.  It was scary and my stomach did not enjoy it at all.

This year, the item that I will take off my list will be riding my motorcycle across the country.  I’ve always wanted to enjoy a road trip that took me from one ocean to the other, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

But I am not going to do it alone.

I have about six other friends that will join me for the ride and we are planning to take about three weeks to do the entire journey.  There will be a lot of planning involved to make it happen, but I think once we are done, we will all have had an experience to remember.

Summer won’t get here soon enough!

Reading the News with a Cup of Coffee

Mornings.  It is the time of day that I don’t really care for.  I’m a night owl by nature, so getting up early has never been my forte and yet, here I am.

Getting up at this time of day is a routine here in my house, and yet I struggle to do it each and every day.  Thankfully, drinking this delightful cup of coffee each day helps to make this time of day a lot more bearable.

I’m sitting out on the balcony watching the city start to come to life below me.  My laptop sits on the table in front of me, and I watch the world around me while I am browsing, a daily entertainment news website.

I use this site to keep up with the latest news stories and keep track of what is going on in the world.  Particularly, I follow a few celebrities and enjoy reading about them.  I love this site as it is continuously updated, and there is always something exciting to read.

But I only have about half an hour to sit an relax here before going off to work.  Thankfully, there are only a few more days until the weekend.  I can’t wait!