From Engineer to Project Manager

Sydney harbour bridge My desire to build and design bridges started at an early age with my first set of Lego blocks.  I would sit for hours building replicas of train bridges and traffic bridges.  I loved to try different designs and then test them to see if there were any flaws.  At the time, it was a passion of mine, but it later became a career for me when I completed my Civil Engineering degree in college.

For the first few years that I was out in the workplace, I loved to work on design projects as a part of a team.  We collaborated in teams of five to fifty on many different projects, and I really loved that I was able to visit some of the buildings and roadways that we designed in real life.  Being able to actually touch the designs that we made on paper in real life made my love for my work increase.

But I wanted more.

Just like when I was a child, I wanted to be the project manager and be the person guiding the designs.  I envisioned I would work like a coach and harness the strengths of everyone on my team and we would work together and build something amazing.

Something I could show my grandchildren one day.

I made the point of picking the brains of the project managers that I had worked with to see what I needed to do to advance myself to the role of project manager.  They recommended that I take an online project management course to develop the skills I would need to be eligible for the position.

I enrolled immediately, and was able to save some money off of the course using the following promo code: “FV14C3″ on

While it will take some time to get the right certifications, I know that I am taking the steps I need to go from being an engineer to a project manager.

The Gift of Weight Loss

After my husband forgot my birthday last year, I knew that I was going to get a present for sure this year.  You see, last year I might have had a bit of a fit on the day after my birthday as he forgot it altogether.  One thing that a guy should know is that he should never forget his woman’s birthday if he knows what is good for him.

So this year, he asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  Since I have been struggling to lose some weight, I suggested that he might be able to find something that would help me shed a few pounds.  But I also made it clear to him that I didn’t want a treadmill.

No one wants a treadmill.

He went on the computer and did a search for Arizona weight loss, and bought me a weight loss package from Vitality Med Spa.  It consists of doctor consultations where they focus on helping you get your weight under control by changing the vitamins that you use on a daily basis and focusing on a healthy diet.

I was very excited when I walked into the door of their facility two weeks ago and I was very hopeful.  Fast-forward to today, and I have already lost eight pounds.  I am feeling much better and I have more energy than I have had in years.

I still have four more weeks to go on my program and I am interested in seeing how many pounds I end up losing.  It has definitely been an exciting journey and the most rewarding birthday present I have ever received.

Providing Driver Education to Students

driver training Many years ago, our school district provided driver education to our students.  It was a very popular program, and parents appreciated that we were providing their children a valuable life skill.  But like many school programs, the funding ran out and the driver education program had to be shut down.

There has been some renewed interest in driver education programs provided by schools over the course of the past year, and our community has come together to raise the funds necessary to restart the program.  There were a number of dinners hosted by the community and some generous donations from corporate sponsors to make the thought of teaching our kids how to drive safely a reality.

Plans are underway to build a new state of the art facility that will service the surrounding communities.  We have already purchased a number of driver training simulators as well as hired a couple of driving instructors.  The local car dealership has committed to donating a couple of vehicles for the kids to use.

Things are really coming together.

Provided everything goes smoothly with the construction of the training facility, it should be open to the driver education students by next spring.  It is truly amazing how our community came together on this project.

Raising Money to Save the Museum

There are not a lot of tourist attractions in our town, but the one that does stand out is the museum.  It hosts a collection of windmills from around the world, and people come from miles away to visit our small town each summer.  Without this one attraction, many feel that the town would just be forgotten and disappear.  If there is ever a problem with the museum, you can be sure that the community will come to its’ rescue.

This is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago when part of the roof of the museum caved in over the weekend.  Thankfully it wasn’t open at the time so no one was hurt, but the damage meant that it would not be able to be open next season.  There was not enough money in the reserve for the museum to fix it, so the community had to step up and do something.

And that is what they did.

Everything started off with a pancake breakfast with proceeds going to fix the museum.  Nearly three hundred people showed up to be served by our mayor.  Live entertainment was provided and everyone had a great time.

We also had a silent auction offering all sorts of items including dinner in fine restaurants, free furnace duct cleaning, a year lease on a new truck and tickets for the Ariana Grande honeymoon tour 2015.  The concert tickets raised the most money, nearly $500, and with all of the generous donations from residents and businesses, we will be able to fix the roof on the museum.

Thankfully we will be able to save our tourist attraction this time – the damage could have been a lot worse.

Dealing with my Weight Problem

I’m sure that if you saw me in a crowded room the first thing that you would think is that I have a weight problem.  As hard as it is to admit, I have been overweight for the last five years or so.  It all started when I quit smoking and started working the night shift – without healthy food choices in sight, I started eating fast food.

Way too much fast food.

So much in fact, that my weight nearly doubled in the first two years of my job.  It made life harder as it required more effort to do the things that I had always thought were easy.  Things like tying my shoes, mowing the lawn and even making a bed caused me to lose my breath.  For the first time in my life I was really worried – was I going to make it to old age?

It wasn’t until I took a trip to our family doctor that things started to improve.  I was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease which really scared me.  I was told that I needed to make some significant changes to my lifestyle or I was in danger of other serious health complication or even death.

I didn’t like the sound of that.

I sat down in my study back at home and wrote a contract to myself – I vowed that I would do what it takes to deal with my weight problem.  No matter how hard it was going to be, I would do it.

That was two months ago.

I have lost about twenty five pounds so far, and I am feeling a lot better.  I still huff and puff tying up my shoes, but it is easier than it used to be.  I have more energy than I have had in a long time and I have been getting a lot more done around home.  There is still a long road to travel, but I know that I will reach my destination – I am sure of it.

Keeping Track of the Kids on Vacation

Our family tends to take one big vacation per year.  Unlike our other friends, we tend to take them at strange times of the year – basically anytime other than summer.  We really feel that it allows us to miss the crowds and we worry less about our children because the tourist spots are not as crowded.

This year we decided to take a road trip down to Mount Rushmore with the kids.  We haven’t been down there for five years or so, and we had a great time back then.  Our last trip was in the spring, so traveling down there in the fall was going to be a completely different experience.

One of our biggest concerns as parents is keeping track of our children while we are traveling in another country.  I know that they are teenagers now, but I still feel uneasy having our children around without having a way to get in touch with us if they need to.  You hear about abduction stories, and I just never want to be in that situation.

So this year, we decided to be proactive and picked them each up a phone from a prepaid mobile phone service for Canadians.  It allowed us to get them each a phone without having to sign a contract so that we could be in contact all the time if needed.  The price was very reasonable and frankly having the peace-of-mind knowing that our kids were always a phone call a way made us feel more relaxed on our vacation.  Less stress when traveling is always a good thing.

I Just Started Making Passive Income Online

make passive income now While I am no stranger to running a few websites, one of the things that I have not been very good at over the years is making money online.  Most of the websites that I have created were geared towards sharing my passions for photography and cooking – making money was secondary.  But after losing my job last month, my needs have shifted and I have been working at creating a living online.

I originally thought that I was going to learn everything on my own and do things my way, but after the first week of being off work, I realized that doing it on my own was just going to mean I was spinning my wheels.  When you need to make some money right now, trying something with no experience really doesn’t ensure results. I decided to ask around my circle of friends and find out what was getting good results for them.

A good friend of mine, Jeff, introduced me to a system that has a proven track record of creating income online in a short period of time with a low investment.  I had to ask him how much it was going to cost as my savings were depleting rapidly, and he told me something that really shocked me:

The investment was only ten dollars.

I could afford that.  Considering it was a proven system, I really had nothing to lose.  Besides, I needed something that would work right away as I still had bills and my mortgage to pay.

So, I invested the ten dollars, learned about the system and put it to use.

Three weeks into this program I am seeing serious results.  In fact, if I continue to see growth like I have been, I am on track to hit $1,000 per week in the next month.  When I do make it to that milestone, I will have replaced my income I lost from losing my job.

That puts a smile on my face.

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money, or even replace your employment income like I did, you owe it to yourself to check out the exact system I am using with incredible results right here:

How to Save Money Doing your Income Taxes

When you are looking to do income taxes you really only have a few options: either pay someone to do it, or do it yourself.  If you are thrifty like I am, I find that paying someone to do my taxes feels too expensive for my tastes.  I know that these people need to make a living, but when you consider how easy it is to do my taxes, it really feels like highway robbery.

So I have taken it upon myself to do my own income taxes.  At first, I tried to do it with the paper forms, but two paper cuts and a big headache later, I decided doing it on paper wasn’t for me.  I figured that I should be able to use my computer to get the same result, so I decided to see if I could find some software to do the job.

After looking at a number of sites, I found this TurboTax coupon code that would allow me to save money on the software.  According to a number of tax software review websites, it seemed like TurboTax was definitely the way to go.  It was easy to pick up my copy, and all I did was download it, and I was ready to go to work on my taxes.

I love that it was easy and that I could keep some money in my pocket too.

Becoming Part of a Class Action Lawsuit

While I would never have thought that I would ever talk to a lawyer, I just stepped out of a law office.  You see, there was an advertisement in the paper a few days ago, looking for people who frequented a certain store in town.  I guess there were some issues with what they did with the mobile numbers that they collected, and they were looking for plaintiffs to add to their class action lawsuits that they were filing against them.

I had no idea that sending unsolicited text messages were illegal, but the ad in the paper had me intrigued – I knew that I received a number of them from this company (sorry to be so vague on the company name, but the lawyer suggested that we don’t name them to damage their case).  According to the law firm, I was not the only one that had problems with these messages – there were hundreds of us in our city that had the same problem.

Which really sucks.

While I won’t know how things pan out from this case, at least I learned a valuable lesson.  It is important to use some discretion when handing out your mobile phone number to companies when they ask for it – who knows what their intentions are.

Try This Fun Personality Test

If you are anything like myself, you take the many quizzes that you see on Facebook each day.  Quizzes like “Which Friend’s character are you” and “What city should you actually live in” tend to litter my news feed, and I take a moment of my time to do them.


Because they’re fun.

Today was no exception.  I tried a couple of regular quizzes like I see during the course of each day, but then something different caught my eye.

There was a meaningful quiz in my feed.

I gave it a look and ended up at Sounds Like Me , , which seeks to discover your personality through the music that you like.

It might sound a lot different than other quizzes, and it should – this quiz is based on the scientific discovery that their is a link between personality types and the types of music that we listen to.  While the notion of the quiz being based on scientific proof is important, I honestly feel that there should be a relationship between the types of music that you listen to and the type of person you are.

I tried taking the quiz myself, and I was pleasantly surprised that the personality traits that they thought I should have were indeed present.

It was actually quite amazing.

Curious about your personality?  Check out the test here: